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To assist in selecting your courses use the following key as a guide.  English users can be divided into 3 main groups and 9 categories.  The numbers loosely co-relate to IELTS band levels and the A1-C2 relate to the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR).

Follow this link in a new window to find your grammar and vocabulary level

User Levels
SpacerEarly Users

1. A1 New User
(I know some English words)
2. A1 Beginner
(I can use simple sentences)
3. A2 Novice
(I can understand and answer simple questions)

  • Early users have little understanding of how English works. They usually simply replace native words with English words without consideration of structure or grammar.  Vocabulary is usually simple and often confused with real meaning. 
  • Topics should generally be student centred, focusing on what they know; build onto existing knowledge.  Topics should include; family, home town, people they know, career or study, interests and daily life.
  • Multiple choice, missing words and checklist quizzes are suitable for this level. Word games involving extending vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation are required as well as reading simple but interesting short passages followed up with recall, sequencing and predicting activities.

Moderate Users

4. B1 Progressive
(I can understand simple grammar)
5. B2 Developing
(I can talk about familiar topics)
6. B2 Exploratory
(I can talk with native speakers)

  • Moderate users have some understanding of how English works. They begin using tense, pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives to enhance meaning although many errors are made.
  • Topics should extend what they know little about but need or wish to research.  Maps and directions, opinion, prediction, and recount should be a focus here using 5-7 min video and/or PowerPoint presentations to showcase their skills and findings.
  • Reading more complex passages and articles is required and analysis of how grammar and structure are used, replicating these findings with their own oral and written expressions.

Efficient Users

7. C1 Working
(I can work with native speakers)
8. C1 Proficient
(I can use English for all my needs)
9. C2 Expert
(I want to expand my use)

  • Efficient users can communicate with foreigners although there may still be some difficulty due more to cultural differences than language use.
  • Topics should be diverse and involve, historical events, current affairs and possible future events.
  • Plenty of research with in-depth discussion, debate, and public speaking should be the focus.

Available courses

This course is designed to help new users introduce themselves to others.

It covers 

  • different greetings in different situations
  • how to respond to different cultures
  • how to talk about your home
  • how to talk about your work
  • talking about your interests
  • listening to other's interests
  • how to listen and respond
  • asking questions

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